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Hello Beautifuls - so glad you could make it (took your time though, didn't ya!).
Please... make yourself at home and feel the freedom to peruse our dedicated LambriniCastle site (dedicated purely to drunken jokes, bien sur)

Ok, so Ceri's been pestering me to write something up on our new founded GORGEOUS site (modest, I am, your point?) so here's the babble that I'm thinking about now...
I'm sat in the 24 hour Imperial (geeks-alert) library at 5:28 AM (I shize you not) msning some randomer who won't believe I am who i say I am.  I have a train to catch at 8 AM from Euston to Milton Keynes... which i'm obviously going to miss... I have a poopy investment banking course thingymagique to go to where I have 'teambuildin exercises' and 'quizzes' to enjoy.  Big y.a.y. for me people.
Question.  Who actually likes mushy peas?  I've only ever met one other person who likes mushy peas about a year ago.  And he looks like buzz lightyear.  I ain't gonna do the maths, are you?  For that matter, who even likes peas?  Eurgh - dirty word.  That's a bit of Darwinism gone wrong, surely.
Speaking about mushy peas... when was the last time you ever ordered chips 'n' gravy in London? (I mean without gettin' yer head kicked in by the hard-looking menace of the chippys).  Exactly.  Never.  And why not, I ask you misguided Londoners.  Take it from someone who's tasted the north (you know what I mean... dirty minds, you know who you are, and be ashamed of yourselves) - once you've enjoyed the love of chips 'n' gravy, there just ain't no going back luvvies.
Am I perhaps babbling a wee bit?  Well, its now 5:40 AM so i still have another 1.5hours to kill.  It's not like I'm actually going to go to sleep today, is it?!  ProPlus all the way, you beautiful compressed little powder pocket.  Mmmmmmm.

Dum de dee dum.  So, what now folks?  Oh, I know.  A little about me.  Oh, the oh-so interesting one thats sat in a library at 6AM in the morning!!!  I wouldn't talk to me.  Would you?  I'm 20 yrs young, studying mech eng (EGG) at IC.  I met these other beautiful lambrini girlies at our residence... the oh so grand Garden Hall ( (check out the piccies... we r.o.c.k) (note to self: tie noose and hang one's self if one ever says "r.o.c.k" again).  Right.  Where was I?  Ahhhh.  Yes, I should really go grow a life in the patio.

Its a real Lamborghini!
(My weekend car)

Ok - so it's the 18th April.  I have less than a month 'til my final exams, and what am I?  Yes, screwed I am.  Oh its a sad and lonely world in the library. 
Bring on the sunshine - where's it gone?  Come back Jack, come back.  I've had a few beers, yes, truth be known.  Not many mind you.  Sam would be most unimpressed with me.  Oh well, she can't win it all...  Had a fab weekend!  I'll leave you with this short and funky paragraph.  *mwah* you sexy beasts!!!  Grrrrrrrr!
How can it be the 21st April already????  I'm sure we were in May last week.  Strange how time goes by when you don't want it to.  So, story of my life at the moment - my exams are getting closer and closer, and my revision is getting shitter and shitter.  Not the best of ways for things to go, but well, as a wise old man / lady said many a years ago - "It can only get better dear Geoffrey".
It's 7am and I've done an all nighter at the libraire.  Well, not really.  I mean, I was having this chat with someone earlier... and if you stay up and work all the way through the night, but sleep through the day... well, what's the difference between someone working during the day, and sleeping at night.  It's all about the hours.  Amen.  Finally, a justification for my stupid working hours (minus the sleeping during the day bit).
Bejesus - there must be something more exciting in my life than studies.  If not, sir god help me.  Actually, there is.  But I don't think I should mention it (hint: him) on the site just yet.  It's really exciting actually.  Found someone who's actually interesting to talk to, and a genuinely nice bloke all at the same time - by george, pass me a bottle of whiskey.  Right, no emails from friends saying how soppy and pathetic I am, ok!  But come on girls, you's knows the score with most guys, pretty to look at but empty inside!!! (<--- I guess that's a pretty harsh generalisation... then again, come on guys - prove me wrong and dare you start an *intelligent* convo with the girlie you're sat next to... right, GO!)
I think the hours are sending me dooolally... so I will sign off while I still have a vague amount of sanity left.  Well, at least to go and get a huge fry up from the JCR.  Yeah baby, yeah!
*mwah* beautifuls! xx
"Day blah blah - in the not-yet Lambrini Castle..." (big brother stylee)  Its 22nd April and I completely see what Ceri was going on about this being really addictive sorts of malark.  Well, today I have done absolutely n'owt and it is not 18:24.  Buggerroos.  Ceri and I rented a peddle boat in Hyde Park's Serpentine this afternoon and it was really fun.. The blasted boat wouldn't listen to our steering directions on the way back to the boathouse, but we eventually showed it/him/her who was boss.  Oooh.. and we did some celebrity spotting - we saw Jeff Brazier (is that how you spell it?).  Ok, so perhaps a D-list celeb spot, but none the less.  And I think Melissa Heaton (off liberty X) was with him and his baby Bobby, but Ceri's not so sure.  Oooh, and there was paparazzi and everything.  So that was a little oooooh-exciting.  Oh, and fed the ducks stale bread (sorry duckies, loves you really).
Right, there you go, this is turning into a little online diary thingy.  Ooh, I say sir, suits you.  "Library-time" Derr der der deeeer (sing it with me munchkins)
xxxxx, oh, why not, and one more... x
(note: even though I seem to spend half my life in the library, 5th floor, two tables from the back - I refuse to mention it in this block.  It's just getting embarassing now.)
Wahey!  It's 02:35am (25th/26th April) and I have just really noticed how screwed my bodyclock is.  Having a lecture at 9am tomorrow morning (or today!) is not really going to happen, now is it!?  I will however try my hardest, but I can not guarantee such an accomplishment, particularly it being a monday morning.  that deserves its very own *grrrrr*.
This weekend, Mandy went back to visit the folks.  Few family friends came over saturday night, and I took this opportunity to make a drunken pleb out of myself (what's new folks).  Actually, wasn't as bad as it could've been.  Polished off a good measure of gin (good ol' Gordon hey) and was laughin'!  Literally.  Apparently I had quite a central position in the ol' mixed-race relationships convo with the 'elders'.  I'd love to have heard myself... but thankin Buddha I didn't.  Not really in the best of the bookshelf at the minute, but hey, they'll get over it...
Other than that... I'm off to Venezuela tomorrow afternoon, to do a funky amount bungee jumping.  Then a spot of swimming by the waterfalls, quite close to Angel Falls.  Might sleep outside on the sandy beaches, breathe in some fresh air for a change... Aahhhhh *sigh*.
(well, one can dream, can't she.)
Bad morning to all you beautiful people who have been woken up by a fookin fire alarm at 10am on a SATURDAY! OMG!!  Such a piste-take... Weeks' Hall have no electricity today, but the fire alarm went off, but the "system was fucked" (quoting security guard), everything was frozen.... and it took 35mins to turn it off!!!!!  I want my bed.  now.
SO, as I was rudely awoken, I figured I'd update my online diary.  Hmmm... as usual, the panic is really setting in.  What happens if I fail the year?  Uh oh.  My mum'll kill me.
Al (my bf) is keeping me a little sane at the moment.  Sorry I don't mention a lot about him here, but it is early days and an online commentary would probably just scare the shit outta him!!  But I will say that things are going well (I think!).  Most of my friends seem to think he's a good'en, so that's always good to know :-D  Al hun, lovin' you babs! x (Oh, and well done on the lambrini antics... girls, he's done the lamborghini thang xxx)
What else.... errrr... last night, was working on Weeks' Bar... absolutely dead, and made a killing profit of 17.20.  Yeah, baby, yeah!  Ordered chinese.  Felt fat.  Watched Jonathan Creek.  Martin itched my face with a fork when I fell asleep.  And kept scaring the shit outta me (think he was on summat, bless his wee heart)!!!
No more on the house front... but LambriniCastle shall be oneday!! (Just dont know where yet).  Right, I'm off to go somewhere and study like the good little girl I am.
As always, *mwah* to all good men (and women, but only on the cheek... don't go gettin' ideas, you knows I don't kiss the ladies ;p )

Peak a boo - I love you!

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!