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Praguesters 2005
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A page dedicated to the best people possibly ever on the best holiday probably ever. Yay!

Big up all Praguesters 2005! Me and Rhys decided to make this page to permanently mark forever the amazingly fantastic lush skiddly diddly mofo minging time had by all in Prague this year and to look to the future and the very definitely-going-to-happen plan of Tallinn 2005!
First of all, some awards.....
Culture Vulture 2005
nominees  - Owens
winner - Owens!!!!
Biggest number of animal based alter egos 2005
nominees - Diplodocus, Diplopokus, Dicklopokus, Blue whale, puppy dog, Kestrel, Northern Monkey aka Tom Kelly; Robin Red Minge aka Mike
winner - Tom Kelly
Nutmeg dealer/supplier of the week 2005
nominees - Emma
winner - Emma
Human beatboxer 2005
nominees - Nick da Minge
winner - MC Nick da Minge
Most blinding camereman/Multiplicity of photographic evidence 2005
nominees - Huw
winner - Huw
Miss Mojito 2005
nominees - Mandy, Rhys
winner - Mandy
Biggest contribution to Anal Awareness in Society 2005
nominees - Rhys aka the Anal Ambassador
winner - Rhys
Snuffaholic 2005
nominees - Tom, Nick, Mike, Emma, Ceri, Rhys, Mandy
winner - Mike aka Robin Red Minge
Best Fanny Plumage 2005
nominees - Mike
winner - Mike
Fanny Soft Lifetime Achievement Award 2005
nominees - All members of the hexagon of minge
winnner - tiebreak. Awarded to all nominees
Minge tally award/Most references to profanity/Boobs out award 2005
nominees - Ceri aka The  Prime Mingister
winner - Ceri
Alternative  dance  award 2005
nominees - Nick  and  the  robot , the  pirouette  prostitute
winner - Nick

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Here's Emma's photo album
Here's Rhys's photo album
Battle of the bands
During our exciting time in Prague, two exciting boundary-pushing bands were formed. These were the edgy electronica outfit Abandon all Hope and hastily formed but musically coherent The Six Mingeketeers. Which will be the first to make it big on the world stage? Tallinn will tell....
Prague 2005 was brought to you by....
Fanny Soft
Atomic Flash
Pivo (17.50,- KZ)
Hexagon of love
Septagon of love
Nonagon of love
Chateau Bar
That bar above the roxy
The Six Mingeketeers
Condor Hostel in association with Traveller's Hostel Dlouha
Those big glasses
Honourable mentions to
Captain Birdseye and his band.
Message from Ceri n Rhys -
Dear all Praguesters,
We warn you that entering this site now legally binds you to the plan of Tallinn next year, and we look forward to seeing you there! We've checked out flights and they're dead cheap so no excuse yay! Also rumours abound that it's even cheaper than Prague heehee (also I Ceri promise no more minge references next year but double the cock, at no added extra cost!) Seriously though, you were all fab and we had the lushest time ever, it was really nice meeting all of you we didn't know already and so cool to share this fab experience with you! Hope we all keep in touch this year, I feel we've all permanently bonded over fanny soft and, as MC Hammer would put it, can't touch this!
Keep it minging with just a little anal thrown in
Lots of love,
Ceri & Rhys xxx
(Prime Mingister & Anal Ambassador)

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A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!