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Wetherspoons ideas

Things to try at Wetherspoons

Wetherspoons cocktail challenge - not so much a challenge as a way of life;

1) Assemble a small group of friends, remembering that the less friends you have, the more fucked you get, but too few and you probably won't get to the end. Judge wisely.

2) Nag bar staff for cocktail menu, and expect them to ask you for ID because which self respecting adult would drink cocktails at a Wetherspoons really. Return to table with cocktail menu.

3) Observe the approximate number of choices, which is usually about 10-12 depending on the magnitude of the Wetherspoons in which you are imbibing.

4) Assess the logistics of the operation; is the queue at the bar long? How far are you placed from the bar? Do you drink quickly or slowly? It is important to evaluate these factors before you begin drinking, as you may notice a 'relay race' pattern to the bar beginning to develop during the session, which can be quite annoying, as one or more of your party is usually absent buying the next round to facilitate the smooth transition from one pitcher to another.

5) Decide on how they will be bought (one at a time, couple at a time, in rounds, all at the same time), according to your needs. Feel free to move your table closer to the bar to enable 'easy access' to boozing.

6) Proceed, between you, to drink a pitcher of every cocktail on the menu.

7) This is always great fun, and because it is a Wetherspoons, it is always reliably cheap and will contain enough alcohol to at least get you on your way. Some friends may not like some certain cocktails so make sure there is a swapping facility available so that they are always well topped up.

8) Remember to ask for less ice at the bar but remember that essentially, it is not too important, as the only thing this will affect is the amount of mixer, and you're probably not too worried about hydrating yourself I'm guessing, if you're reading this.

9) Make various assorted toasts to whomever, whatever and whenever you wish. This is your prerogative.
I have had plenty of nights of fun with this, and I hope you will too. Happy cocktailing!

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