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After observing my not so stylish toilet animated gif, our dear friend Timothy Brinded has challenged me to include 20 tacky animated gifs of my choosing to the site. As he has not stipulated exactly how, I decided to make him his own tribute page.
Ladies and gentlemen, the stakes are high:

tim says:
i got this thing from barry called "scotsmac". its half whisky and half wine. it cost 2.39 so it must be good
tim says:
u get half that bottle if u manage to put 20 pics on your site.

Never one to refuse a challenge, or indeed free alcohol, I present to you: some gifs for Tim. Enjoy, brother.

This is reminiscent of a film me and Tim paid to see once called White Noise. It was fucking awful.

Gay pride. Sort of.

The lameness is beyond words so I won't attempt to convey it.

Tim this reminds me of that naff scene in the Breakfast Club! We still have to learn that dance....

This is one of the few gifs I actually liked. What does that say about them?

This is Tim. Always Open for Business.

Tim at Fabric.

Tim at The End

A pulsating man.

Tim at the Union

Run kitty run.

Tim in one word. Sizzle!

Er... yep.

Guess the planet... yep, it's the Earth. Well done.

I'm sorry Tim, I really can't add any more, it's getting tedious. To conclude, gifs aren't big and they certainly aren't clever. Can I have some dodgy whisky now please?

Thank you,
Ceri x x x

As a side note, I found this disclaimer on the animated gifs website quite comedy:

"Generally restrictions on use.

1.You may not sell these images or sell products that contain these images.
2.You may not claim authorship of these images.
3.If these images are placed in another animated GIF gallery credit must be given to Global Presence and a link provided.
4.If these images generate a significant amount of money, Global Presence claims 10%!
5.You must not remove or tamper with the internal copyright information contained within the image itself.

Everything else is OK! Use these images to enhance your personal or business Site. "

Humourous on a number of points, firstly, the assumption that any real profit or money could be made from these awful pictures. Secondly, that they presume you might want to take credit for these works of art. Trust me guys, the last thing I'd want to do is stand up and say hey I fucking made these. There's just no way. And thirdly what's funny is the kind of opportunistic ambitious 10% of all profits you make stipulation. So, wait you're not allowed to make any money off them, but hey if you actually by some mistake of your judgment you do, then remember to give their greedy arses some. Hmm. They make me laugh.


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