Lambrini Castle
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Kodak Moments - Take 3

Its a Tube thing
Sing us a tooon, Mr Man

What's with the brightness?!
Aahhhh... help, don't come for us - we're not ready!

After LSE - funky night
Nice groupie pic

Don't ask.
Best not to.

Blind Date - Valentine's Night
Ceri luv, watch where you point ur banana!

One of Ceri's lower points of 2005 lol
"Stop, come back with my pram... and yes, I'm wrapped in a duvet" Hmmm...

Mmmmm.... sweat Ministry o' Sound
We loved it really... only the first 30 times!

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!