Lambrini Castle
Alter egos

Sometimes, when we have had too much lambrini, we also just wanna have a little too much fun. It is then we require the use of an alter ego, i.e a nameless entity buried usually deep within our subconscious allowed only to emerge to the surface with the encouragement of a skinful of 'sparking perry' (ah lambrini you pretentious mistress!) Here are ours...

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Mandy  -----> THE Mandy. Legendary, known to be partial to the odd man or two, likes a good drink and a dance, giggles quite a bit, tends to be a drunken foreigner-magnet, has been sighted vomitting red wine on the patio. Sightings numerous. Armed and dangerous (novelty penis lighter)
Mel -----> 1) Melanie. Breaks out into a bodypopping dance pandemic under the influence. Confuses having a penis for being good looking. Vomit control weary; frequently seen chucking up in bus stops. Likes to pull guys, especially in large numbers. Embodies all that is Manchester girl on the piss.
               2) A new plateau of drunkenness which Mel reaches after becoming Melanie and then some (Zarmella). Characterised by chronic lezzing and lack of balance.
Ceri -----> Fiona. Frequently seen to perform the 10 man challenge... featuring various IC plebs, and if yer lucky - throw in the odd girlie (Zarmella).  Has been known to try and porno-hitchhike.  Heavynights out send her skipping to a certain northerner's boudoir for some hot and intense movie-watchin'.  Though this lambrini girlie is now hitched more than a hiker, Fiona, I'm sure, will still make frequent appearances (minus the pullage to keep the hubby happy)!
Zoe -----> Frequent endeavours to assign, and indeed, immortalise a name for this up-for-it-chick have ended in unmitigated distaster as, inevitably, by the end of the night any drafted alter ego attempt has been forgotten by all members of the group in a drunken stupour after getting wankshafted on lambrini. A reward has been posted for the safe return of Zoe's drunken alter ego, or any information leading to its rediscovery. Thank you.

Alter egos, so necessary! Whats yours..?

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!