Marital status
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No idea why but keep a track of all our lovelife goings on right here right now!

Mandy: April 17th: Found a man who I think'll put up with me!  Ask Sam for further d.tails. *mwah*
July - Singleton but some interesting developments of late which shall likely be explained soon....
Aug - Singleton indeed.  And as confused as ever.  Turned to lesbianism? (tempted!)
Mel:     April 20th: Another ten man challenge attempted last night at Gardening Club, but only reached four due to being prohibitively mashed. Have gotten off with every black guy in Manchester and now have to go round again (hopefully it'll feel like a new experience due to haziness of memory what with alcohol and passage of time).
July - Presumably doing as Mel always does, kissing lots and lots of men heeheee. Mel unless you update I'm just going to slander you hahaha!
Zoe:    April 4th: Status unknown!
July - No word from the mysterious Zoe, but I will nag her to add some shizzle to the site soon!
Ceri:    April 18th: Going out with Tom. All going swimmingly. Have booked chapel, yay! World, I'm pleased to announce no more ten man challenges. Thank fuck for that!
July 25th - Still with Tom and oh my god I'm a committed lady how weird is that!

Cos really, it's all about the fit men (and women, Mel?)...

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!