Lambrini Castle
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Drinks recipes

Cos it's big and clever to mix your drinks

Pleasures of Ceri - a simple yet mind-fucking concoction: equal parts vodka, lambrini and lemonade. Guaranteed to get one more trolleyed than a Tesco carpark.
Dipshit's lambrini - A severely lemonaded-down Lambrini, usually belonging to a more pussy member of the drinking circle, to be mocked throughout the imbibing session for his/her lack of balls (NB: take care as this could be a touchy subject around newly transgendered people).
Heaven - glass of chilled Lambrini. Best drunken from a plastic goblet for true metropolitan chic.
Birthday cocktail - sumptuous affair utilising the finest of leftover booze and mum-bought birthday party foods combined in a brank spanking new pitcher. Suggested ingredients: vodka, lambrini, strawberries, mango, melon, lemonade, orange juice and champagne. Superb.
Lambrini n lime - Classic twist on the old lager and lime. Gets rid of the bitter aftertaste but does leave tastebuds liable to being dead for days afterwards.
S.L.I.C.E - Need you ask?  In an attempt to get national awareness girlies... Southern Comfort, dash of lime cordial, and a measure to your liking of lemonade.  Where's the Lambrini you wonder?  Well, sub it in for the lemonade, and you're laughin!
The Gardening Club Special - No Lambrini here sorry, simply line up four vodka cranberry's at the bar and down with the encouragement of those around you and the bar staff. Follow up with a further four vodka cranberry's so you have something to take back from the bar. Results potentially disastrous.

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