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Lambrini Castle
Links we love

Self explanatory really. Clicky clicky!

* Firstly, it's all about Lambrini! Go here to check our their quite simply fantastic Lambrini girls website, the inspiration for our very own Lambrini Castle. Ahhh.
* Gotta have love for the Garden Hall official website! Check out photos of this years shenanigans!
* Fairly shite Weeks hall website. But I felt obliged to put it in here. Go on, if only out of pity.
* I love this site. I'd do this full time if I could get paid for it. This bird replies to shady guys who advertise for bizarre casual hookups on a dating website and leads them on in the name of comedy. Huzzah for Birdparty!
* The thing you click on to check your Imperial College emails yessshh! (can you guess I'm running out of links here?)

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!