Lambrini Castle
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Tribute to lambrini

So what is the string that holds this page together? Yes, for it is the wonderful drink of Lambrini. Rejoice, brothers and sisters!

First thing's first, our Lambrini money back guarantee - (April 4th 2005)
I think the only way really we can tell you how great Lambrini is, is really just to offer you a completely spafe money back guarantee when you try a bottle of Lambrini. Here's how it works, take your curiosity to the local big Sainsburys, buy yourself the biggest bottle of Lambrini possible (might wanna give Diet and Cherry versions a miss, due to lowered alcohol content of 5% versus the usual 7.5% we've come to know and love). Then, begin to consume your Lambrini. Should you not be completely in love with the smooth, sparkling, flirty, fruity taste of Lambrini, and the speed with which you get fucked for such a great value price, then stop drinking, bring the drink to us (for rigorous lab testing) and we shall give you a nominal fee back (probably the spare change from our wallets). This guarantee covers all bottles of Lambrini bought, those with extra self-added Rohypnol especially welcome (free drugs you knows it).

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
Take  us  on  holiday!