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Honourary Lambrini girls and guys

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Accepting submissions imminently for honourary lambrini guys and girls. The only criterion - you must just wanna have fun!
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One sentence about you
Do you reeeally want to be an honourary Lambrini guy or gal?

xxxxx - Thank you for your application! Of course we welcome you as honourary Lambrini girl with a big hug and a warm glass of Lambrini, for all the times you've had to listen to Mel's drunken phone calls whilst she's been under the influence of Lambrini. Loves you! x x x


Rhys "uned" Pearce - We love you to the max! Original founder of the uned and sole benefactor of the Lambrini industry. We decorate you with the title of honourary Lambrini guy for all your hard research into Lambrini related intoxication, and for always bringing jokes with you wherever you go. Cariad mawr x x x


Timothy Brinded - Inventor of the original 'pleasures of ceri' cocktail. His contribution to research into how intoxication affects the brain activity levels of young academics has been invaluable to the scientific and alcoholic community, and should stand this man out as a fine Honourary Lambrini guy. Is always good for a laugh, if only just at his hair (only kidding Timothita, we love you extremely!) Big hugs and kisses x x x


Gemma Price - Her application included the key words 'flappy twat' and 'fannyfuckingtastic' and so I can only conclude there is no way we cannot add this girl to the Lambrini hall of fame. Legendary Gemma's antics include horizontal visitations with the pavements of Cardiff whilst under the influence and pissing just about anywhere (phoneboxes, you are not safe, I repeat, you are in danger). Gemma I fucking love you man! x x x


Sam Sharpe - For being a spafe as fuck sort-of-subwarden and for understanding our need to get frequently drunk. Top marks also for joining in Valentines day truth or dare (viz. 'polish me'). Thank you for your application Sam, I was especially amused by your submission of: 'I am less insane than Ceri and I don't do unnecessary hair dye'. True that, although his sanity or lack thereof has, one more than one occasion, been called into question! Big hugs from the Lambrini massive and may you never leave Garden Hall x x x x


Lucy Miranda lechava lila mindel Borkin  - For having that name and still being a cool person ;-) Only joking sweetheart! You're a sexy, sorted, lovely lady yet still jokes enough to consume that booze like it's water, Lambrini styleeeey. Credit also for taking one for the team with a vertically challenged rickshaw driver! What he lacked in height, he made up for in sheer beauty, you knows it! Advance forever the cause of Manchester, Lucy, you are the girl who can represent! x x x


xxxx - His application included the intriguing words: 'Nothing needs to be said more than is patently obvious to all those of you who know me - tell them Ruby!!' to all those to whom it applies! Having received further intelligence (being as though I myself have none), I was delighted to discover he is, in fact, none other than the 'very spafe dad' of already honourary Lambrini lady xxxx... fantastic! For being a reader of the site, a responsible adult and still cool, we definitely welcome you into the annals of Honourary Lambrininess! Big up to you who manages to have the name Eugene and still pass the cool test! x x x

Rohan Mohindra - For antics too bold to list here, and for being outstanding in the field of mashedness, we humbly bestow upon you the highest order of Honourary Lambrini Guy. Although 'twill never  make the papers or give your mum extreme pride, be assured tis a title to be proud of! Special honours for talking to yourself in a mirror whilst so fooked, amongst other things. Big ups for not only tolerating, but exonerating the bad and garish website design! Pip pip Rohan! x x x


Chris 'danger' Green - The dashing Stud of Southampton is welcomed heartily into this elite crowd for always being the first and last man at the Union, and seeming always like part of the furniture. A man whose drinking makes even Tom's look tame, and a willingness to mash up at all times makes you, Chris, a prime Honourary Lambrini guy. With time I hope we can educate you in the ways of this fantastic and mightily good value tipple, but even if you do drink beer, you have the spirit of a Lambrini girl, and that is what counts. Amen brother x x x


Ben Radcliffe - *Pending positive identification for conferrence of title and relevant dedication* [I had an inkling you might be the Ben from Beit Hall of whom I very much know, although I was positive your surname was something else beginning with an R, which I can't remember. Or maybe it's not that Ben at all and I'm going senile. Whoever you are Benjamin, step forward and positively identify yourself, or introduce yourself, and we can proceed to bestow the Order of the Lambrini upon you. When we know who you are, then we can write you a personal dedication upon giving the award, which is always much nicer non?]


John McGurk - Irish, 100% spafe, we love him, nuff said. John you fucker, don't go abroad, we'll miss you! No really I mean it, I'm well sad we won't have any Johnny Boy jokes in our lives next year but it's ok we can have like an auf wiedersehen pet christmas special or something non? John, we salute you and award you this honour with highest regards. Remember to teach the Germans about Lambrini x x x x

REJECTION - Tom 'diplodocus' Kelly - His application gives us great cause for concern, stipulating that it was made only due to complete boredom at work and professing not a single thing which would lead us to believe that he would make a worthy Lambrini guy. Thus we have no other option than to reject this application on the grounds that you, Thomas, do not fit the criteria. Also I don't want to be accused of boyfriend favouritism! Sorry!


'Lucy Shitface' - I'm not entirely sure I know who you are, but your application encouragingly identified that 'it's all about the Lambrini girls', for which I give you the golden nod! May that optimistic attitude forever carry you through a life of drinking and shenanigans, and drink well and plentiful from the goblet of Lambrini, Amen x x x


A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
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