Lambrini Castle
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Lambrini girls' dictionary

Sometimes those words we know and love as formal English just don't quite cut it in this make-or-break Lambrini world. So that's why we need a couple of begged, stolen, borrowed or (very rarely though) invented words in our inventory to get us through those moments of wordy worldliness. Adopt as appropriate, my friends.

Keg - Invented purely by mistake as a bumbled attempt to cough the word 'egg' by Mel, which made it sound exactly like our beer containing friend. Upon consultation of Ceri, Keg deemed to be a drunken version of Egg, in which the Egg is a direct or indirect product of alcohol and consumption thereof. (See up and coming 'Egg' page for essential info on Egg).
Egg - So important, it really does need its own mini website. Try it... what's the worst that can happen?
Sledge - Drunken emalgamation of exhortative terms 'safe' [GLC-speak] and 'ledge' [legend]. The saying of which may raise some titters but generally also your street cred aswell. To be used with authority.
Lamborgini - Not to be confused with the upmarket motor vehicle. Lamborgini is in fact, another word for that fantastic stuff we know, love, and get drunk on called Lambrini.
Lambrini - No explanation needed. For further evidence, please refer to Saturday night Lambrini induced frollicking amongst the Lambrini girls. Anyone unacquainted with the beautiful wine of life yet seeking to get to know this close friend of ours is welcome to join us at one of our patented Lambrini getting-to-know-you taster sessions, more commonly known as a piss up (taking place on any given day in more or less any given location; specifics unnecessary).
Du Wees Et! - Ask a luxembourger.  'Nuf said.
Uned - An intoxication induced state of mongosis, akin to being part of the 'special unit' ('uned' in welsh, pronounced 'eenned') of Ceri's school. To be denoted with a U shape held against your forehead facing outwards with your index finger and thumb. Most probably very politically incorrect. Not safe for minor acquaintances.

A  barren  couple  who's  unborn  children  would  be grubby  students  by  now ?
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