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Welcome to the official website of Lambrini Castle! All the news, pictures, gossip, stories and whatnot from the future residents of Lambrini Castle. You knows it makes sense. Kick back, pour a glass (Lambrini of course gentlemen) and enjoy.

Click on the links and enjoy, remember check back here often as we will be updating all the time and news of all the best nights out are most definitely here,

What's New?
July 28th 2005 - A lot of new thingymajigs to report! But first thank you for being here, whoever you are, whyever you're here, and welcome! There's always new stuff, made just for you, probably owing to the fact I have too much time but still, I do hope you like it!! oooh we have some lovely new bits and bobs today...
Ok, new stuff - 
1) Mandita has created a blog, fantastic! Follow the thoughts and happenings of the First Lady of Cool herself here (there's also a link to it from Mandy's main page if you need it).
2) We now have a tagboard! ---> Easy way to leave a quick message, say hello, or whatever you want.
3) I tidied up a few of the old pages and added bits and bobs including a new essential guide about things to do in Wetherspoons!
4) Now wait for it, the most exciting subsite to be created, possibly ever.
Wedding bells are a-ringing....
Me and Mandy are getting married!!!! No joke either!
The full story will no doubt unfold online, click on the double wedding section to get in the groove!
Wow I think my head might explode, thanks for staying with me there!
Hope you all like it,
Lambrini love x x x x x
P.S Mandita if thou dost read this book thine ticket to Prague ok! Love you! Oh and that extends to anyone else who wishes to join! x
P.P.S Mel and Zoe how's it going with you guys? Miss you loaaaaads x x x x x x
July somethingth (can't be arsed to check the date) - Have updated with a new honourary Lambrini guy. Have a couple more people to put in but am doing it bit by bit, you knows what I'm like. Meanwhile, I've been plodding along with my blog and even Mandy tells me she has some content to upload soon (does she bollocks!).
July 18th - Quick update, I wrote a new guide for the essential guides about drinking to get drunk, know what I'm saying!
Love to one and all
July 9th - Some great new additions to the Honourary Lambrini girls and guys archive. Feel free to submit an application if you would like to be approved for this truly prestigious title! Apologies to Eugene Esterkin for length of wait to be added, I will not lie and attribute this to having some more important businesses to attend to, I was quite simply lazy with checking the good ole emails whilst living the life of a tv dieting slob during my vast and long days of fruitful unemployment. Bravo! And fear ye not, it has been rectified now, go see!
Bye all! x x x
June 30th - Everyone's back at home again and doing their own thing, the rest haven't updated their diaries (haha I think I should just stop saying that and just take it as given), although I'm still cobbling mine together every couple of days. Mind you it isn't much of an interesting read anyway so I've no idea why, but it keeps me sane somehow. I've just made a new feature for this site, and it's fannyfuckingtastic. It consists of two quizzes, the first is a technical knowledge of Lambrini quiz, and the sad thing is I compiled it all from existing knowledge of Lambrini, which was sadly quite a bit. The second is a quiz which decided how Lambrini you are. Take it and it gives you a percentage. Fanfuckingtastic! And you say I don't treat you! Go on, give it a go, you knows you wants to! Look at the navigation at the top for the quizzes page. More coming soon probably!
Ciao now!
x x x
June 7th - We made a kickarse tangled web of pulls from this year. It's an unfished work of art but myyyy is it fantastic! Corrections and additions on a postcard to the usual address you knows it! Also Mel's updated her diary! x x x
June 5th - Updates to both Mel and Ceri's diaries and also a new honourary lambrini lady! There's a couple more albums upcoming, Mandita has all the pictures but she's effed off to Sri Lanka (of all places to go just to get away from me and Mel, tut tut!!). Don't worry, just like Arnie, she'll be back (and just like the GLC, you knows it!) I'll kick her arse to get her to chuck in a couple of updates when she returns. I finish exams in 3 days so there'll be more from us in the next couple of weeks before we all disband to do our own thing... oh and also maybe the mysterious Zoe might have a word or two to add... wooo!
Big up to all Gardeners and Weeksers, we've been neglectful of our socialising habits recently, but be warned, after exams I'll be back on the scene, back on the bottle, and back in your face again yaaay chamooone!
Over and out, x x x
Mel finally shifted her lazy arse and updated her diary but i bet u wish she didnt its like an epic story but enjoy my lambrini lovers

May 10th - I updated my diary and gave it a new format. It's all rubbish really but it keeps me happy. Sorry the site's a bit naff at the moment but expect better shit after exams. Woo yay. x
April 27th - Diary update from me! Shit the bed!
We're all really excited about the up and coming end of year dinner for our halls, how snazzy and I get to wear my big pink quality-street-wrapper dress and not fit through doors!
Lambrini castle house hunting's trundling along at a respectable pace. A couple of prospective properties sourced by myself and Mandy, following up communications on them bla bla bla. Cute garden flat in Hammersmith or massive three storey townhouse in Fulham or a couple of others. Oooh our own place, how yay will that be? Guys, we may soon have a base. And then there shall be housewarmings and housewarming sequels, and housewarming reunites and housewarming reunion tour and housewarming the 60th bla bla bla. lots of parties. Which we'll stick on here, most probs. Roll on next year, and that's with or without a place on the course, I just don't care. London baby yeah!*
*(All welsh people who move to London have to say this requisite phrase. I don't know why. I suppose it's like moving up in the world or some shit. Who knows...)
x x x
April 26th - Ceri and Mandy have updated their diaries. Shame on you Zoe and Mel.
Nothing more to say except revision, boredom, guilty feelings about avoidance of revision, term starting again, lectures, shit weather, but everyone still doing ok.
If you see me around, come up to me and give me a hug. I'd like that. Cheers, Ceri x x x
P.S Good entry on the guestmap Tim, very cute!
P.P.S Jenny and Tom now sign guestbook entries as a couple! They have become the Jom!! You guys know what I mean! I expect to see full siamese twin conjoining by the end of the year or this will aaall not make sense! Ciao x x x (by the way cheers for the heads up on the meal on sunday jen, was nice to see you all again!)
April 21st - Can you guess I hate revision? I finished Tom's diplodocus page, you can get to it from the navigation bar at the top of the page, hope you all like it! Mel's updated her diary, scroll to the bottom of her page to get it. Hmm what else, fuck knows actually! I can't remember! Bye for now! x x x
P.S I added the page 'a question of photo'... check it out, its very interesting.

April 20th - Avoidance of revision at an all-time epidemic level seemingly across the Lambrini Caslte board, so we've done some updating. I, Ceri, have updated my online chronicles with stuff about last night. Mandy's added pictures of last night to our lovely gallery, woo yay. Tim set me a challenge and I did it, sort of, click the link in the navigation entitled 'For Tim' to check it out. Tom has requested a tribute page, and currently I'm creatively designing it (in my head). It shall be around shortly! Other than that, go surf. Oh yeah I added Gem as an honourary Lambrini lady. Lovin it. Bye! x x x
P.S Just started off Tom's dinosaur page with a photo, cos I can't be arsed to start it properly yet! Sorry Tom dearie, it's not that I don't love you but its 7pm and I'm still in my pyjamas. Tsk. x x x

April 18th - Lambrini Castle's going undercover for a bit (exams, nooo). Mandy's added some fantastic Kodak Moments, and a little bit to her diary and I'm not sure what else. Wooo. x x x
P.S - Added a submissions page to the Honourary Lambrini guys and gals bit, so you can be in our hall of fame; all are welcome to apply of course, do it do it! Also I've updated our Essential Guides page with a handy list of all your handbag essentials, ah the things I do for you guys! Check it out! Mwah x x x
April 14th - Guess who updated their subsite? Yesssss, me, Ceri! Just a quickie with a brief update and a photo or two (Tim, if you're reading this, I hope you like my amateur attempt at bukkake!) [oh and mum if you're reading this.. sorry!!]
What can I say... exams. Fuck's sake.
More stuff on the other side of freedom.
Lambrini kisses, Ceri x x x
April 7th - Yo, Ceri here, couldn't sleep so felt like updating. We've more or less got every page up and running, all that's left to do now is spread the word (cannae quite be fucked yet but we're on it). Also, I have to note that we do have some links on our website, which have categorically not been creating controversy due to something about giving out passwords. This regarding the supposed 'members only' login area of Garden Hall, of which we know nothing at all, least of all the existence or name of the passwords with which to enter it. Apparently the password is the world's most guarded secret and has not been distributed freely to all Garden Hall residents via an email, which would mean it's not at all public property. Hmmm. Confused? So am I. What's new? I've updated my diary. Go and visit our guestbook and guestmap (you knows it!) Bye kids x x x
April 4th - Just got the site up and running! Safe! Content's a bit lacking at the moment and no one will really know about this site but hey give us time!
Remember to give us an email and drop by lambrini castle at any time, your party needs you. Oh and sign our guestbook if you could, and we'll love you forever (I could flash you aswell to express my gratitude!)
Lots of love hugs and kisses lambrini girls x x x
p.s by the way this is cute... you can pin a little thing on the map to show where youre it do it!

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